Conquer. Your. Fears.


How do you fail big?...

Re-write the rules that you play by!

Do you experience the common human emotion of the fear of failure? Society tells us that failing is bad but the most

successful people know that failure is a stepping stone to success... 

In this speaking presentation you'll learn the 5 questions that will help you re-write the rules that you play by and be

comfortable with Failing Big!...Read More

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Hi, Jake Bollig here.


Over the past few years, I’ve talked a lot about how most people and organizations are not pursuing the lives they desire.


I see it every day.


I’ve written nearly 100 published articles on self-improvement. And I’ve personally spoken to 1000’s of people

who want more from life.


In short, people know more is possible but aren’t sure how to achieve it. Or they are simply afraid to try and fail.


They are being conditioned by negativity in the news, by false information, even by their friends and family…

On average, only 6% of the population spends their life working in something they love.

How do you think this effects their quality of work? How do you think this effects their satisfaction and fulfillment level?


Working might keep food on your table. But working in a field you love will set you on a mission that can positively impact the

lives of others.


The key is the willingness to fail.


President John F. Kennedy boldly stated, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”


The “Fail Big! Experience” is a 30-60 minute talk discussing the power in failing big. It includes 5 key questions to help your

audience flex the Fail Big! muscle.


If you’re looking for something to excite your team and bring laser-focus on improvement, then send a booking inquiry here:


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Most citizens are conditioned or directed to pursue something they didn’t choose. The fear of breaking away from that and

failing can be paralyzing to the majority.


I want people to embrace the feeling of failure as a necessity to success. I want to empower people and let them know

it’s not too late to map a plan to chase their dreams or the dreams of the company.


I am on a mission to let people know that success is actually THROUGH failure and not in spite of it.


I want to let you know that you can do what you set your mind to.


I have embarked on a mission to share this talk with as many people as I can.


If you want to embrace the emotions of failure and step up to opportunity, you’ll love this.


If you want examples of how failing big led to success, please pay attention.


If you are tired of living someone else’s dream and are ready to take full control of your destiny, this is

going to be great for you.


If you want actionable steps to set you on the path to fulfillment, I think you’re really going to benefit from what I’ve done.


Are you ready to learn more about the Fail Big Experience, then send an inquiry to

for available dates.


The truth is that we are all going to fail in life, so we might as well fail big and give ourselves the chance for great success.


I look forward to sharing the Fail Big Experience with you and your organization.


Much Love and Respect,

Jake Bollig